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Can you imagine a place in Hampton Roads where adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities realize their full potential and goals through experiencing personal independence, purposeful employment and fulfilling social interaction?

 A place like this may only be a dream for most communities, but that dream is about to become a reality.  It’s called Vanguard Landing, a community to be built on a 75 acre prime parcel of land in the southern part of Virginia Beach.  It will provide walking trails, gardens and orchards, a home for rescue companion animals, horses, shops and classrooms, and filled with innovative educational, vocational and recreational opportunities in a least restrictive yet secure environment for its residents.

With your help, we can make this happen and offer these exceptional people, which represents the largest percentage of all persons with disabilities in Virginia,  a safe, progressive and self sustaining community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

Thank you for your support!